Brake Repair and Service For You

Brake Repair and Service For You

Faulty brakes should never compromise the safety of you or your family.  The brake repair Richmond at DPM Service Centre will provide you with a free brake inspection and competitive estimate for the repair of your car’s brakes.

Brake pads and brake shoes need to be routinely inspected for wear.  Failure to do so could result in slower braking time leading to unfortunate accidents.  Never worry about a pet or child running out in front of you and not being able to stop!  Plus, the hot summers take their toll of brake shoes and pads.

The brake repair Richmond specialists at DPM Service Centre will examine every part of your brake repair Richmond to ensure your brakes are working properly.  If you are noticing a low or spongy brake pedal, a hard brake pedal, a brake warning light that stays on, or continuously squealing or grinding brakes, it is time to have the brake repair Richmond at DPM Service Centre look at your vehicles brakes.

Brake Parts Inspected by DPM Service Centre Phoenix, Arizona

  • Hydro Boost Brake Repair
  • Hydraulic Brake Fluid
  • Brake Master Cylinder Repair
  • Power Brake Booster
  • Drum Brakes
  • Disc Brakes
  • Electronic Anti-Lock Brake Sensors

The brake repair Richmond at DPM Service Centre are fully trained in the repair and service of your vehicles brakes.  They thoroughly examine all of the individual components of your brakes to ensure proper operation.

Brake Repair and Service Provided by DPM Service Centre Phoenix, Arizona

  • Ceramic brake pads
  • New rotors
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Calipers
  • Brake shoes
  • Drums
  • Hydraulic repairs
  • Brake hoses
  • Anti lock brake systems
  • Electronic brake diagnostics for ABS brakes
  • ABS Brake controllers
  • Computer brake codes
  • Master Cylinders
  • Traction control systems
  • Brake light repairs
  • Trailer wiring and hitch installations
  • Brake system flushing and service
  • ABS wheel speed sensors
  • Hardware kits
  • Spring kits
  • Heavy duty brakes
  • Extreme duty brakes
  • Semi metallic pads
  • Organic pads and shoes
  • 4 wheel drive brakes

The brake repair specialists at DPM Service Centre stand by their work with a complete guarantee of their services and parts. DPM Service Centre is located at 5 Albert Street in Richmond. Call DPM Service Centre for your transmission work at 03-9428-1519 or through the Contact Us form.

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