Growing Old Together

Growing Old Together

I married Mathew and Kirsten recently and witnessed a wonderful atmosphere at the service and Wedding Elopement Packages.  The bride and groom were laughing and enjoying the day with so many family and friends alongside them.

Marriage is the formation of a new family.  Whilst at times tension can exists in families (the old saying is true…. you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family), it is a wonderful thing to witness couples beginning a journey to create a dynamic, fun-filled and loving family network.  It is important couples find their own identity within their family, but what a joy it is to see families laughing and doing life together.

The success of couples growing old together comes from a life where experiences are shared not tolerated, joys are fulfilled with each other and the power of family is enhanced.  I believe this great couple have started their life together on the right foot with loving family and friends around them.  The key is ensuring they continue to serve and enjoy each other often, focusing on the good and choosing not to let the bad dominate.  After all, there is no perfect spouse, but there is great joy when you invest into a life to love.

Craig Sparrow is passionate about seeing couples begin their married life with blessing.  He is available in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Port Stephens area to assist you create a memorable wedding day.

Witnessing a wedding

Australian law requires that two witnesses over the age of 18 years be present to witness the wedding service and sign the documentation.

Choosing the right people can vary from the traditional approach of using the best man and chief bridesmaid to choosing a special family member or a friend.  The selection of the person can include someone not able to participate in the service in any other fashion.

The legal aspect is overseen by the wedding celebrant so the bride and groom can enjoy the reception and then their honeymoon post service.

The wedding celebrant will submit the paperwork to Births, Death and Marriages.  It often takes up to two weeks for this paperwork to be processed.

The couple receive a commemorative wedding certificate on the day.  Whilst not a legal document, often many couples can use this to change names or create joint accounts should they choose to do so?

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