How to select a shade sail?

How to select a shade sail?

Australia’s weather is unpredictable. In a matter of seconds, the weather can go from sunny to rainy. This is the reason why shade sails are used across Australia for domestic as well as commercial applications.

Uses of shade sails

Shade sails protect property, offer shelter and create a comfortable outdoor environment. Some of the uses of shade sails are:

  • Protect your property

Harmful UV rays have the power to fade your outdoor furniture and wooden flooring, and this is why there’s a need to cover and protect your property using shade sails.

  • Cover your parking area

The sun can damage the colour or paint of your car by causing it to fade and appear dull. Also, parking your car in the open can make your car seats really hot due to sun exposure. If your home or office does not have a garage, shade sails can serve as a great alternative to protect your car from the sun.

  • Create a safe play area for your children

Shade sails can be used in any outdoor space, be it the backyard or schoolyard. Having the play area of your kids covered with a shade sail can protect them from the harmful UV rays of the sun. With so many designs and colours to pick from, shade sails can add to the look of your backyard or a school ground or any public ground by adding to the safety of the children.

How to choose the right shade sail?

Since shade sails offer versatile use and are essential for covering the outdoor areas of your home and office, it is crucial to pick the right shade sail structure for your application. There are many sail structures available in the market to choose from. Picking the one that best suits your requirement and budget is recommended.

Those buying a shade sail for the first time may find it challenging to make the decision. Below given are some tips that will help you find the right shade sail for your property.

  • Examine the area you want to install the shade in

Before buying a shade sail, it is essential to examine the area in which you want to install it. Getting answers to some simple questions can help you make a sound decision. How is the area – levelled or raised concrete? How much of the area would you want to be covered? What are the fixing points?

  • Decide a budget

Though there are many options available in the market, you would only opt for the one that best suits your budget. Hence, it is advisable to first decide on a budget and then make a purchase accordingly.

  • Check for the material

How long your shade sail will last depends on its material. Though all shade sails are designed to withstand the weather, there are some that will perform better than the others. To analyse the better ones, you will have to conduct thorough research on their material types and its durability. It is advisable to pick the ones that are offered by reputed manufacturers.

  • Choose the shape

Shade sails are available in multiple shapes, including square, rectangle, triangle, pentagram, etc. There are some odd-shape shades available too that can add a touch of style to your property. Select the one that best suits your requirement and don’t hesitate to experiment with the odd-shaped ones.

  • Pick the one with warranty

Anyone investing in a shade sail wants it to be a part of their home or office for years. Hence, it is important to understand how many years of warranty your shade sail has. Try picking the one that has at least 10 years of warranty, so you don’t have to worry about switching it for a decade.

  • Check is installation prices are included

Installing a shade sail requires a lot of time, money and effort, and this can be done perfectly by an expert. Ensure to ask if the installation prices of the shade sail are included already. If not, there are high chances of your spending a good amount on just the installation, thus exceeding your budget.

Customised shade sails

If you aren’t satisfied with the sail shades options available in the market, you can consider getting one customised for your property.

A customised shade sail gives you the freedom to set its design and shape as per your preference. The very first thing you need to do is decide on the shape of the shade sail. The shape will depend upon the area you need to cover. The shape of shade sail would be different for a car park than that used for a swimming pool area.

As shade sails are made using different types of materials, customisation gives you the liberty to choose the material as well. It is recommended to opt for a material that is sturdy and durable and offers a high level of UV protection. Also, you must ensure that the material is waterproof to withstand rains. Your shade sail material should be able to bear any and all-weather conditions.

Deciding on the shape, material, size, etc. of your shade sail is important. But something that is equally important is its installation. Shade sails installed using the right techniques can last really long as compared to those that have been installed without applying the proper methods.

When buying a customised shade sail, it is vital to contact a reliable and reputed shade sail provider. They not only will design the perfect shade sail for you, but also ensure the correct installation of the same.

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