What is Cardboard Coffins for Cremation?

What is Cardboard Coffins for Cremation?

Our caskets and cardboard coffins for cremation are manufactured from some of the best solid timber wood available. In conjunction with our manufacturers, we have selected the solid wood preference in the manufacture of the products.

All Caskets and cardboard coffins for cheap funerals melbourne are subject to stringent testing and quality control before being transported to us, we do not accept anything less from our manufacturers. We demand the best, we expect the best product available to us and we in turn are able to offer you very high quality caskets and coffins.

Cardboard Coffins for Cremation

It is our ability to offer these products to you at similar prices to MDF units which sets us apart from most others.

Most of our cardboard coffins for cremation are constructed of solid timber wood, all are trimmed with satin and a satin pillow is included. Most coffins are fitted with solid steel handles and steel coffin lid locks. Our friendly and experienced Funeral Directors will assist you with your needs and guide you to a choice and style of Casket or Coffin, which will not be beyond your financial means.

Even to the Baby / Infant cardboard coffins for cremation are all constructed of the same wood and material.

We also have our Standard Crucifix and Orthodox Crucifix temporary Grave Markers which are of high polished gloss white paint and they also are constructed from solid Poplar timber, which have been tested in weather conditions and have lasted from the harsh elements of the weather and sun for a long time.

Our solid timber urns are constructed from poplar wood and are available either in polished rosewood or white.

With us, you and your family will always be offered a unique range of products which is well within your budgetary and financial limits. Our aim is to always provide your loved one with a dignified cheap funerals melbourne at a realistic and affordable price and one that your family will be happy with.

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